I was having lunch with some family and friends at a local restaurant here in Squamish, when I met her. She was our server at the Howe Sound Brew Pub. I knew right away, that I needed to use my makeup skills and do a photoshoot together.

She is 6’1″, and had an energy about her that could melt your heart.

I decided to not ask her, because I didn’t have any business cards and the creep factor was really high…”Hey, I think you’re pretty, can we do a photoshoot?”Kirstin

Then my husband, (my biggest fan) jumped in and said “I have one of your business cards” What did I have to loose at that point? Not much.

So I waited until we got our bill, and asked her. Like I was asking her out on a date. Our table of 10 all watching, I was sure that she was going to say no to the idea. She seemed very receptive.

A few days past and she contacted me. We got together to discuss life, each other and a future photoshoot and became friends right away. Kirstin's Shoot

I contacted a photographer I work with here in Squamish, and David jumped on the idea as well.

When I finished hair and makeup, Kirstin said she felt “Sexy, confident and beautiful” then was ready to crush this shoot.

I loved her enthusiasm.

Here is the result of my photoshoot with my beautiful friend and shot by David Fournier.

She’s a total babe.

Kirstin Kirstin KirstinKirstin Kirstin Kirstin Kirstin


Giving back is really important to me. I try to give away a makeup makeover at least 6 times a year.

By giving, I get so much more in return. I always leave these makeovers happy and fulfilled and the last one I did in 2015 was by far the best of the year.

When I announced that Siobhan won, she responded almost right away but she had a dilemma.  She lives in Terrace, BC which is about 8 hours  away from Squamish, and the greater Vancouver area.

I wasn’t sure how it was going to work, until she told me that she’d be coming into Vancouver over the next week or so. I instantly jumped at the idea and made the arrangements.

When I arrived and first met Siobhan, we connected right away. She was so excited to learn new tips and tricks and you could tell she was genuinely excited for a makeup makeover.

I set up my chair and she jumped right in and said “I feel like a movie star”.

Siobhan was the perfect reminder as to why I do these makeovers. It brings out a level of confidence and self love that just makes me feel great. Each and everyone of these women look at me with an appreciation for making them feel beautiful, confident and powerful and that alone is the main reason why I do this.

When I was done with my makeup makeover on Siobhan, I had a few minutes left so I asked if her daughter Aedin who is 14 and was eagerly watching me the whole time, if she wanted to sit in the chair and get a min makeover too. She was absolutely happy too.

That smile on their face that lasts, is priceless.

Check out Siobhan and her daughter Aedin’s beauty looks.

Makeup Makeover

Makeup Makeover

Makeup Makeover