I was having lunch with some family and friends at a local restaurant here in Squamish, when I met her. She was our server at the Howe Sound Brew Pub. I knew right away, that I needed to use my makeup skills and do a photoshoot together.

She is 6’1″, and had an energy about her that could melt your heart.

I decided to not ask her, because I didn’t have any business cards and the creep factor was really high…”Hey, I think you’re pretty, can we do a photoshoot?”Kirstin

Then my husband, (my biggest fan) jumped in and said “I have one of your business cards” What did I have to loose at that point? Not much.

So I waited until we got our bill, and asked her. Like I was asking her out on a date. Our table of 10 all watching, I was sure that she was going to say no to the idea. She seemed very receptive.

A few days past and she contacted me. We got together to discuss life, each other and a future photoshoot and became friends right away. Kirstin's Shoot

I contacted a photographer I work with here in Squamish, and David jumped on the idea as well.

When I finished hair and makeup, Kirstin said she felt “Sexy, confident and beautiful” then was ready to crush this shoot.

I loved her enthusiasm.

Here is the result of my photoshoot with my beautiful friend and shot by David Fournier.

She’s a total babe.

Kirstin Kirstin KirstinKirstin Kirstin Kirstin Kirstin