When you’ve purchased some natural mineral makeup and go to put it on and find yourself not happy with the results, certain techniques can help it last longer and look better.

Sometimes I get a request from a Squamish bride for mineral makeup. The worst would be for it to come off within a few short hours of application.


Rest assured that I have tried and tested a few brands, and I’ve boiled it down to technique and tools used. 

So I will be doing a natural mineral makeup workshop coming up for all you lovely ladies. It will be hosted at Be Clean Naturally on January 26th, 2016 from 6-8pm. It will be an evening of tutorials, tips and tricks. Enjoy a glass of wine and cheese courtesy of Black Market Cheese.



The tickets are $15. If you purchase tickets beforehand, you will receive an additional 10% off all Earth Lab Cosmetics. Come early to save a good seat.

I look forward to seeing all your beautiful faces.